Peter parker soulmate fanfiction

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Peter parker soulmate fanfiction

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Peter Parker was just your average Stark Industries intern. He worked hard, he was barely noticed, and he had a giant crush on Tony Stark. He couldn't believe his luck when the man himself actually bothered to talk to him during a company party.

Now, as he lies captive in Tony's basement, he realizes he's made an error in judgement. It felt good… almost too good. Peter and Bucky start dating, much to Tony's displeasure.

Not able to bear seeing his baby boy with the man he despises, Tony tries to get Peter back by any means necessary. Tony gets knocked out of the sky on the way home from a mission and finds himself stranded in an out of the way animal shelter with Peter. For a second, it was as though the boy was stuck in freeze-frame: Tony found dark eyes, messy brown hair, a face too pale for its age.

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However, when he moves back to New York, he finds out about the curious case of the twentysomething Peter Parker living across from him. To be updated weekly. After Pepper dies, Peter helps Tony pick up the pieces. Only picking up the pieces becomes a little more complicated when a new CEO who may or may not be Harry Osborn comes into the picture. And picking up the pieces becomes even more complicated when both Tony and Peter start looking at each other a little differently.

Stark gets the call that Peter has been hurt, and had no one to look after him. So now it's on him to look after the kid, what could go wrong? It's the summer ofand precocious year-old Peter Parker is spending the days with his family at their 17th-century villa in Lombardy, Italy. He soon meets Tony, a handsome doctoral student who's working as an intern for Peter's uncle. Amid the sun-drenched splendor of their surroundings, Peter and Tony discover the heady beauty of awakening desire over the course of a summer that will alter their lives forever.

Spidey was here! — Peter Parker x Stark!Reader (Soulmate AU)

Peter starts swinging back to his bag when a text message pops up in front of him. Stark, only serving to make him more confused than he already was. You told me not to, so I did not. Stark: Hey, kid. I forget what time school gets out. I have a surprise for you. Peter: A surprise?

And yes, school got out, like, an hour ago. But, yeah, sure.Peter thought he would never be able to enter Mr. Stark's limousine without sporting a nerdy smile and shifting in his seat with excitement. Of course, that was before today, in which his ever present smile was replaced with a strange frown of stress and anger, and his excited fidgeting was done out of nerves.

The whole journey to Stark Tower consisted of Peter sitting in his seat, sweating so hard he was beginning to feel the leather heat up underneath him.

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To his right sat Tony Stark himself, refusing to look at him or say a word and opting instead to gaze out the window. With his head turned and his shades on, it was impossible for Peter to know what he was thinking, but he had a good guess on how he felt at the moment.

When the car came to a stop, Stark still didn't say a word, but Peter knew to follow him into the building. He had let himself forget in the security of the dark limo windows, but now that he was following Tony like a lost kid in front of everyone at Stark Industries, he was painfully reminded of the state of his suit. His mask was gone and various tears pierced the fabric along his shoulders and sides, however the most notable damage was the shredded sleeve of his right arm.

The glove held onto his hand by three fingers, and his palm was almost completely showing. Dried blood caked the frilled edges where the cut was made, and the skin underneath was still red from the injury. Unfortunately it did nothing to hide the bittersweet name forever marking his skin. He had made sure to keep it relatively out of sight as far as Mr. Stark was concerned, but he knew it was only a matter of time before he found out now.

Peter thought he would feel better in the elevator, away from the prying eyes of various Avengers agents and supervisors, but it was worse.

Peter Parker and Tony Stark - Their Story

Stark still had his shades on, and after pressing the button to the top, he turned to face the closed doors and stared ahead with a blank expression the whole way up. The sheer awkwardness and tenseness was enough to drive Peter insane.

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He almost wanted Stark to just yell at him instead of playing the silent game. He got his wish when the doors opened to Stark's floor. Peter had never actually been in Tony Stark's lab before, so everything lying on the floor and glowing on variously messy tables should have at least distracted him a bit, but instead his eyes were glued to the back of Stark's shoulders. It's calm and deep, but the anger lacing his words does not pass his attention.

peter parker soulmate fanfiction

Before he can answer, Stark raises his hand, "Don't tell me what I said. I know what it was, but you obviously don't remember, didn't hear me, or just didn't care to listen. Which one was it? Stark doesn't appreciate the sarcasm, and whips around to finally glare at him from behind his shades. The whites of his eyes are just noticeable above the lenses, and it adds to his superior look.

I thought you grew out of this, Peter!

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There he is, talking to Peter like he was a kid. His ears turn red and he manages to control the shakiness in his voice, "I did! And you let me keep this suit and be Spiderman, too.That's very important, everyone should keep that in mind when they read this. Only cannon compliant up to episode 9. Honestly, I wasn't sure if I should continue writing this after episode Not to spoil it for those who haven't seen it but shite.

peter parker soulmate fanfiction

But I was quite a ways through it by then and it seemed like such a waste to abandon it. And this was a request from the lovely Eclipse, it's not exactly what you asked for but it's pretty close. I hope you enjoy anyway. And there was another Guest who clearly hadn't seen episode 10 who asked me to write more for this pairing so I did. If anyone else has a one-shot for this pairing they'd like to see written please let me know.

Other than that; enjoy! Everyone had a Soulmate. Well, mostly everyone. Only a few very unlucky souls didn't. There were many different signs of soulmates, some had tattoos that matched in some way.

Some had half a tattoo and their soulmate had the other half. Some had tattoos that represented the other person in some way. Some had timers on their skin counting down to the second they would meet their soulmate. Some had initials or first names, some really lucky people had full names.

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Some had fingerprints or handprints. Some had the first words their soulmate would ever speak to them written on their bodies. Some couldn't see in colour until they'd seen their soulmate. Some couldn't see in colour until they'd actually touched their soulmate's bare skin. Everyone was different. And unless you had half a tattoo and your soulmate had the other half there was no guarantee that you and your soulmate would both have timers or words or initials, it could be different.

He didn't. He didn't care what anyone said, he was too freakish, too broken too The fact that he only saw in blacks, whites and greys was irrelevant. It had nothing to do with his soulmate situation. He was born that way Or it was the result of something Doc Ock had done to him. Either way, it had nothing to do with his soulmate situation.With Infinity War coming out soon along with my love for soulmate AUs, I was inspired to come up with a few short stories of different soulmate pairings in the MCU.

I found prompts for the soulmate AUs on Pinterest from different sources originally and based the stories on those prompts. That pity began when she turned 13 years old, the normal age at which people usually find out if they have a soulmate or not.

Shuri began to feel brief bouts of pain around her body on several different occasions.

peter parker soulmate fanfiction

It was never overly bad but it told Shuri that someone was hurting her soulmate on a regular basis. It only clicked later that her soulmate possibly wasn't from Wakanda. It was a better option than her soulmate being from the Jabari tribe…. However, no matter how she saw it, the idea had been a hard pill to swallow for a young girl who dreamt since she was little of having and meeting her soulmate.

If her soulmate was indeed from the Outside, she would need to decide what to do with that knowledge. There had been a handful of Wakandans whose soulmates were not from their country and many of them preferred to live out their lives in Wakanda than to become spies beyond the border in order to find their soulmate.

No, Shuri convinced herself she'd be fine, totally fine without her soulmate. Totally, completely… fine. She was 15 when it all started to go downhill. Thinking back, Shuri determined that a sharp sting on her hand was where it all started.

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She cursed out her soulmate at that time, almost having her drop her nearly completed project. If it had hit the floor, that would have been weeks of work out the window. She couldn't lie and say it was bad though… Yes, she still felt bumped around from time to time but she also had bouts of happiness that she could only associate with her soulmate's happiness. What they were feeling seemed to make the joy she felt when completing a project menial in comparison!

Two weeks after the sting in her hand, T'Challa found his sister curled up upon herself behind one of her work stations, rocking back and forth, as tears streamed down her face. He gently placed a hand on her shoulder and she hiccupped, trying to formulate something to make her brother understand. Understanding dawned on T'Challa and he sat next to Shuri, wrapping a protective arm around her shoulders. And she cried.

She cried until her soulmate stopped as well but the lingering sense of sadness and guilt stayed with her for weeks.

She had thought it was bad when her soulmate was getting bullied but now, she worried about them even more. Any time she felt the remnants of something like a punch to her chest, numbness in her limbs, throbbing in her head, she thought her soulmate was going through hell.

If she still felt some pain from what they were experiencing, she couldn't even begin to comprehend what they were feeling. She had managed to hide the effects from her family and from Okoye and Nakia for several months until one faithful day when the entire royal family was gathered in the throne room along with the heads of the tribes. Her soulmate had picked a horrible time to get into another fight and it left Shuri wincing in pain on several occasions, enough for everyone present to notice.

Her family and especially T'Challa were not happy with the situation and even less so with her soulmate.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Peter Parker finally returns home after being on the run for almost a year. He's excited to live in the Avengers compound with his family and heroes, but everyone knows that it's not easy to adjust to a life in the public eye. Peter may think all is well and great, but his guardians know otherwise. Especially when a person from Peter's parents' past makes a return that certainly promises danger to the young hero.

Having lost his aunt, his mentor and his best friends, Peter is left to navigate the world and make a new life for himself. Now, five years later, Peter has found his place in the world. But when Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff come knocking on his door, a surprise and a new plan in tow, Peter must confront the hope of reversing the tragedy that killed the people he loved and unraveled his old life.

Peter has issues The avengers family are awesome. What happens when the rain in NYC is too bad for the Avengers to do there "mandatory" team outing? Tony Stark turns one of the living rooms in to a club, so that no one has to see Darcy Lewis sad. And so everyone can watch Steve Rogers get drunk on Asgardian liquor.

I have no idea what's happening with this story, I'm just sort of writing and updating as I can. Bucky comes face to face with the Ghost Rider.

When the penance stare wipes out his memory, will Darcy be able to bring him back? How will Kate cope with her crime lord father? Will Peter and Shuri find the strength to rescue Miles and Gwen? And will Sam and Daisy be able to pick up the pieces after their pasts come back to haunt them? This takes place about a year after Endgame Major spoilers if you haven't seen it.

Peter is settling back into normal life or normal for Spider-Man anyway when a new ability reveals itself to him; Spider Pheromones, suddenly Peter is irresistible to the women in his life and now must cope with his new situation. I'm sure he'll adjust. In which identities are revealedPeter yeets trough a window, faints and Harley gets the shock of his life.

All because Shuri's just that badass. Only a few weeks after the world returned to normal whatever normal may be nowPeter's European School trip takes a turn for the worst when not only himself but those he is close to gets dragged into a threat that does not seem to originate from their world. When pressure is put on Peter's shoulders to step up into a position he doesn't feel he deserves, will he rise to the challenge or crumble and fall? And what is with that lightning?

His own house. His dad would most likely laugh his head off at pyotr's situation. Tony Stark never considered himself anything more than a rich billionaire that was eccentric and occasionally did the right thing. He never thought of himself as any parental figure to anyone, no matter how many times his teammates, Pepper, and best friend would tell him he's perfectly capable. He keeps up the act, he doesn't tell his teammates, not because he doesn't trust them, but because he likes to be cautious.

So, he was rather surprised when a strange woman he vaguely recognized rung on his doorbell, swaths of baby blue blankets cradled in her arms, and her eyes are full of tears. And then the next thing he knew, he was staring down at a pair of Bambi-like brown eyes, identical to his far more intelligent ones, along with a nose that looks similar to his own.

And a birth certificate with a name of Peter Parker, and below he's listed as the father. Miscellaneous short one-shots based off of prompts I've gotten on Tumblr.

Mostly centered around Peter Parker. Everything from excessive angst to overwhelming fluff to poetry.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. In which Tony Stark is stressed and a dad, the world wants to know who the hell Peter Parker is, and Felicia Hardy just wants to have a good time with this cute photographer she meets online.

Alternatively; how the world got in on Peter's love life while the Avengers kiss and make-up behind the screens of the social media hysteria.

Chapter Two: In which everyone has daddy issues, and Spider and Cat neck on their way to prison. Wednesday, October 9, Normally Ned Leeds would have been excited. The worst part was that his best friend Peter Parker was nowhere to be found. Tony froze in his movements against Stephen, who propped himself up and to the side to move off of him. They looked at each other, the lust immediately starting to fade from their eyes.

In the midst of Tony and Stephen navigating the beginning of their relationship, Harley shows up at the Tower, in dire need of Tony's help to get away from his abusive father.

Everything else gets put on the back burner as Tony is intent on doing everything in his power to protect the kid who gave him anxiety attacks and saved his life. Harley is finally coming for a visit and Peter couldn't be any more excited! He loved Harley and secretly thought he was the smartest person he knew.

The only issue is that Peter has a green-eyed monster living in him when it comes to sharing his parents. He doesn't like it one bit and has no fear in letting people know. Luckily Steve and Tony know just how to solve the jealousy before it becomes a proper issue.

The main source of his upkeep is his webs. And he's been busy. Needs some extra hands. It easily becomes his worst nightmare. When Peter Parker is partnered with his ex-boyfriend, Harley Keener, for the biggest project of the semester, he learns a lot more than just AP Lit.

As they watch, they find themselves comparing their lives to the animated stories onscreen. Brothers Harley Keener and Peter Parker have been left orphaned and in the custody of their abusive alcoholic Uncle Ben. Sick and tired of being Rose Hill's punching bags, the brothers decide to run away to New York City but they quickly find their search for an easy life may not be as simple as they once thought. Harley rolled over and met Peter's big brown doe eyes. He was short and scrawny and had the most adorable set of eyes that only one person seemed immune to, their foster father.Requested by: mega-trash-cringe.

You were in your studio working on your lastest art piece whilst humming to Fav Song which was playing in the background. Unlike your father, you had a passion for art ever since you could pick up the brush. Friday says. Letting out a large sigh you place your paint brush down and make your way towards the door and open it to see your father.

Your father says making you let out a scoff. You answer then take a bite of your pizza. He says placing a hand on your head. Your father let out a sigh and pulled you into a warm embrace. You let out a small giggle as he places a kiss on your head. He says pointing to his tablet. You mean Spiderman? You start jumping in excitement. As your dad makes a quick phone call probably to Happy you make your way towards the kitchen to get a drink, after grabbing a battle of flavoured water you pour some into a glass and as you start to drink you notice a thin red string wrapped around your pinkie.

An invitation? Happy says getting out of his car. Peter stumbles over his own words still trying to prosess what just happened. Happy and Mr.

Parker, Mr. Friday says as the two men enter the elevator. Happy is there anyone else meeting us here? Or moving here? Or a new recruit? Peter asks as her runs the back of his neck due to nervesness.


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