Pirelli angel gt 2 vs michelin road 5

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Pirelli angel gt 2 vs michelin road 5

Has anyone had either or even both? I am using Pilot 4's but have about miles left which is probably only around 2 weeks for me, The Pilot 4 has served me extermely well and has lasted longer than my previous choice the Battlax.

The Pilot 4 is amazing in wet weather and i feel safe leaning in with them i've used pretty much all the width of my tyres. But i hear the Angel Gt is just as good if not better. If you have another all-rounder tyre you would recommend that's good in wet weather please let me know. Budget isn't really an issue as my safety is priceless to me. Quote: my safety is priceless to me.

Sport Touring Motorcycle Tire Ranking

I had pirelli angel ST. Wears fast, not as good in the wet as the PR and the gay angel pattern was horrendous. The GT is a great tyre I've had a set on my SV since Nov last year and commute all year round along with some good spirited blasts and at no point even in some horrendous weather have I felt that the tyres have let me down. I've done the best part of 10k in that time and it looks like the rear will be lasting me almost exactly a year.

Pinkfloyd arguments! Teflon-Mike: I think I agree with just about all Pinky has said. Why change? If you're happy just stick with the PR4. If you are happy with the PR4 then stick with them, my own experience with them was one of abnormal front tyre wear and iffy cornering feel because of it.

Can't make any meaningful comparison to the angels, but I can say riding home tonight in the wet and dark on PR4's was one of those moments when you realise why a lot of people recommend them for their wet weather surefootedness. The Avon Storm 2 ultras I'd swapped them for just didn't feel as comforting in the wet.

They rear had squared off a bit but still well within the legal limits. They were still adequate in the dry. PR4 feels quicker steering but that should always be the case on new tyres compared to a less rounded profile of the older set. For what it's worth I have the Pirelli GT's currently, and can't fault them. Would buy again.

One thing often missed is oil resistance. How well a tire will grip with oily roads or chain oil. Pirelli diablo's are terrible. Supercorsas and racetecs are ok. My chain has a couple of stiff links so recently been saturating it with oil, enough that it is still dripping off and running down the swingarm after 40 miles.The sport touring tire segment is an interesting one, because the goal is to blend supersport corner-carving grip and performance with mile-munching cruiser type wear and longevity — two opposite sides of the spectrum.

Additionally, tire life is obviously also heavily dependent on how hard you twist the throttle, and how often. Fortunately, tire technology is advancing each year and manufacturers like the eight listed below have offerings that compromise very little side grip and performance in favor of centerline longevity. The rear features multiple compounds, with a harder center and softer sides while the front is a single compound.

As a bonus, they also come with a free one-year road hazard warranty. Shop for the Avon Spirit ST here. At the heart of the new T31 is the concept of enhanced wet grip and handling while maximizing contact feel.

pirelli angel gt 2 vs michelin road 5

In the front, which features only one compound, Bridgestone used its latest nano technology, which works at the molecular level to improve the dispersion of silica in the compound mix. This increases rubber flexibility, which they claim improves the contact feel of the surface and enhances grip in wet and low-temperature conditions.

The rear tire features a triple-layer compound in a cap and base configuration construction, to provide the ideal balance between grip and cornering stability, with a harder compound in the center and base, and softer shoulder sections.

pirelli angel gt 2 vs michelin road 5

Camber thrust, in simple terms, is the movement of a tire perpendicular to the direction it is rolling. The whole T31 package has been developed with the goal of increasing tread life. Shop for the Bridgestone Battlax T31 here.

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The ContiRoadAttack 3 is a German made sport touring tire that, like the Bridgestone T31, is designed to improve wet grip and performance. However, Continental is unique in that it opts not to use different tire compounds in different areas. With it, the shoulder area is softer to provide extra grip, while the center area is harder for durability. Another Continental feature, TractionSkin, makes tire break-in periods extremely short, as new mold-coating technology eliminates the need for tire release agents during the build process.

And finally, the ZeroDegree steel-belted construction ensures stability at high speeds. Shop for the Continental ContiRoadAttack 3 here. Dunlop claims the Roadsmart III is its most versatile tire, offering ultra high mileage, sportbike level grip and outstanding wet weather performance.RevZilla will match any advertised price on new merchandise available through another authorized U. Our goal is to provide the best possible shopping experience to every enthusiast who visits RevZilla.

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Pirelli Angel GT 2 tire update 2 (3000+ miles)

Pre-orders will be filled first. With a new tread and compound, Pirelli has updated their ever-popular sport touring tires for increased grip and mileage.

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The Angel GT II tires feature dual-compound rubber at the rear and the new tread pattern provides improved water evacuation for confident handling when the weather turns.

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pirelli angel gt 2 vs michelin road 5

See what our customers are saying about us: Customer Reviews. Zilla Cash Rewards Program. How it works: 1. JavaScript Disabled. We have updated our Privacy Policy. Please click here to review the updates. Home Tires. Top Rated. Item: P SKU:.By BjorJuly 18, in Technical Topics. I'm liking the Pirelli GT. Much better for the V11 than all of the other Pirellis I've used up. I suppose she qualifies in the "heavier and powerful bikes" with all the weight and torque through that rear tire.

I didn't care for the hard compound of the first generation Pilot Road rash. Jacta alea est I have ordered the Pilot Road 4, standard version since I found out that this is recommended for the Griso.

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The reason is the outstanding test results this tire gets on wet and slippery roads painted stripes, etceven better than the Angel GT I have previously had the PR2s, and I also found them a bit too hard.

The PR 4 tires however, are using a dual compund technology with softer compound on the sides, and the rear tire also has a center line of hard compound for long milage.

I have just had a pair of the Pilot 3's fitted to my other bike Triumph Trophy -this is a big top heavy tourer. First impressions are very good, rounder profile, steers much better, corners better and the ride feels more compliant.

The rear wore out on my Sport sooner that I would've guessed. I replaced it with a Angel GT. I have been running PR on my Bandit. Timely topic. Cheers Marty. I mounted PR4s on my Nero Corsa and after miles think they are excellent Either version is highly recommended.

I'm due for a new set of tires and am thinking about the PR4s. Our bikes aren't especially light, but I'm not sure they are in the heavy sport touring class that the gt tire is intended for. Anyone have additional thoughts on these tires in the year since the last post?

The GT is certainly for heavier touring bikes. I've got PR3's on my rosso mandello and I'm very happy with them.The Pirelli Angel GT is the new, highest ranked sport touring tire.

Wet handling reviews are mixed. Dry handling is said to be better than the Michelin Pilot Road 3 which is another highly rated tire. US-based reviews back up this high rating. Performance handling tar snakes is improved over the PR3. Traction in all conditions is praised. Main complaints are front tire cupping and tire price. The reports are that handling is as good or better than the Michelin Pilot Road 2.

Wet handling is especially praised. In one test a rider could drag a knee through inch deep puddles, and said the tires were the best road tyres they have used in the wet. Others report quick warm up even in cold and that the bikes handling feels lighter. As of now this tire is the highest rated of any tires reviewed.

The Michelin Pilot Road 3 was rated 6 in a Motorrad sport touring tire test. The Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact inspires confidence in stability, cornering, dry traction and wet traction.

Tested on a variety of bikes and performed well on all of them. Especially impressed with handling with new front, worn rear. Another likes the Z8 over the Z6. The Z8 was rated 1 in a Motorrad sport touring tire test. The Pirelli Angel ST receives high marks as a sport touring tire, and even held its own when included in a test of sportbike tires.

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The Pirelli Angel ST was rated 2nd of 8 tires in the wet, 4th of 8 tires in the dry and 4th overall in a Visordown tire test. Confidence inspring in dry, wet, highway, back roads. One rider complained of lower than expected mileage. The Bridgestone BT has generally positive reviews. There have been various, formal tests of the BT A number of reviewers praised the stability of the rear in braking.

Another feels the BT turns-in better, but feels the is more planted in the turns. Both wet and dry handling is praised. The Bridgestone BT was rated 5 in a Motorrad sport touring tire test.The test took place in several phases.

In the first part, the five BMWs were entrusted to five travellers who brought them from Milan to Sicily and back, alternating on each machine every 50 kilometres. They rode on a route designed to reproduce typical conditions for sports touring, ie highways and winding roads combined with rural routes. These five travellers were then asked to fill in an evaluation sheet. Then five professional testers from the Motociclismo editorial team travelled another kilometres to bring the motorcycles from Milan to Germany at the Contidrom, Continental's proving ground, where measured and wet tests took place.

The test therefore covered 7, kilometres in total, of which were on rural roads roads and on highways. In track tests, entrusted to a single tester to eliminate the human variable and to have data as consistent as possible, first the dynamic behaviour, traction and stopping distances the latter also on the dry with worn tyres were tested and then the tests were repeated with new tyres in very similar weather conditions.

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On this page you can find contact details for customers or anyone who is interested in information about our company and businesses. The brand new tyre of the Milanese brand achieved the highest score in all measured tests carried out in both dry and wet conditions, whilst also figuring as the lowest wearing tyre after kilometres. Angel GT II.

I have carefully read the privacy policy and expressly accept the information and all the clauses in each specific box. Warning: not all consents are required! I agree to the transfer of my personal data to commercial partners of Pirelli for them to inform me about their future product offers or promotional activities. Thank you for contacting us.These horsepower, supercharged Ninjas are renowned for wearing out rear tires in less than miles regularly.

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Pirelli Angel GT II Tires

Buy These Tires on 2Wheel. Free shipping with Amazon Prime day return policy Excellent selection Competitive pricing. Buy These Tires on Amazon. Michelin Pilot Road 4? My friend Steve has forgotten more about motorcycles than I know and is the first person I talk to when looking for good advice. He regularly gets over miles out of a rear even on that behemoth bike of his so I was leaning that way for sure.

Then I heard about the newest improvement on the PR4 tires and decided that was the way to go instead because these tires are supposed to be longer lasting AND get better traction than the PR4 especially on wet roads.

You can see from the photos above the tread grooves in the center are fewer in number, shorter in length and project outward in straight lines. Michelin PR4 on the left and Road 5 on the right. Photo Michelin. It all comes down to the tapered sipes coming off the large openings wearing away more quickly on narrow openings compared to these larger ones.

Michelin claims even after miles a new Road 5 tire will perform just like a brand new PR4. Michelin produced this test video at their track on wet pavement to showcase just how good the new tires are compared to other big competitor ones. It creamed the others in this video from YouTube. Riding away from the shop after having the new rubber installed back and front I immediately noted how much more insulated I felt from the road compared to the Bridgestone Battlax tires I had spent miles on.

Michelin Road 5 Tires Hands-On Review: Super Sticky & Long Lasting

It was downright lovely! The harsh rigidity of the Battlax was glaringly different compared to how these Michelins smoothed out all the cracks and bumps in the road. Unlike sections of the Dempster Highway, I rode back in June which was so soft I had no feedback from the road I could still feel connected solidly to the blacktop despite the Michelin cushions I was now on.

My Experience On Wet Road After putting the Ninja in full power mode and taking some photos I headed for the mountains with their twisty roads and unpredictable weather. The secondary highway leading to Canmore, Alberta called the 1A is my favorite local road to ride because of the view and the variety of road surface. Great for testing out new tires! I was very impressed with the wet road and dry road grip. As advertised the Ninja held beautifully in corners or straightaways.

I even got to try it on some gravel which had been pulled out from side roads onto the 1A. A typical and expected hazard out in the mountains. My rims took a pounding riding up to Dawson City through numerous construction zones and may have taken some damage so that may be part of the vibration problem. Supersonic speeds? Even what is universally considered high speeds feel very ordinary on these tires and motorcycle. I encountered a lot of construction as expected during the short Canadian summer on the trip, and so I was riding through patches of pea gravel and dirt often.

That grippiness is part of the problem. The larger openings in the tread are adept at picking up gravel and tossing it indiscriminately at my friends behind me. The roads near Kaslo and Ainsworth are nearly the Canadian equivalent to the Tail of the Dragon in the US for all the sharp twists, switchbacks and turns found thereabouts.

Man, was it fun on a performance oriented machine like the H2SX is when wearing grippy tires like these. In the photo above you can see the softer side rubber contrasted with the harder center layer rubber.


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